Craft your own delicious cocktails at home with simple, easy, and better tasting Fruitations.

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Fruitations Cherry


Fruitations Cherry is made using Montmorency and Morello cherries: bold flavored, richly tasting fruit that makes a Cherry Cola taste like it’s the 1950’s all over again.  Add bourbon for the 21+ crowd.

Fruitations Ginger


Why do we go all the way to Peru for the heat and spice of Fruitations Ginger?  You’ll know after your very first sip.

Fruitations Grapefruit


Fruitations Grapefruit is crafted with Florida citrus.  Say goodbye to the pucker and hello to rich, smooth fruit that calls out for tequila, vodka and gin!

Fruitations Tangerine


Fruitations Tangerine is crafted with Florida citrus, the best in the world. Brighten bubbles, bourbon and rum with tangy richness from the Sunshine State.