Born from her belief that better ingredients make better tasting drinks, Fruitations founder Allison Goldberg crafted a cranberry syrup in her kitchen to meet the requests for soda in the house. Mixed first with club soda, the vodka was next and all of a sudden this drink mixer delivered a restaurant quality vodka-cran!
These days Fruitations Craft Mixers are still made with the same three ingredients: fruit (or root), pure cane and water – that’s it! Our 100% all natural mixers have become a favorite of spirit brand ambassadors and craft bartenders, enhancing their own original and classic cocktail creations. Partnering with Vision Wine & Spirits we’re bringing Fruitations to your favorite restaurants, luxury hotels, and cocktail lounges across the country. Contact Vision directly with any on-premise inquiry.
Shake your own craft cocktails at home with these delicious recipes. For a simple, easy, better tasting drink, just add Fruitations.