Make it your own when you craft it at home with Fruitations premium mixers.

We have 5 Fabulous Flavors...

Cranberry Fruitations

Fruitations Cranberry is made using Cape Cod cranberries.  Create a Vodka-Cran that knocks it out of the park.

Cherry Fruitations

Fruitations Cherry is made using Montmorency and Morello cherries: bold flavored, richly tasting fruit that makes a Cherry Cola taste like it’s the 1950’s all over again.  Add bourbon for the 21+ crowd.

Ginger Fruitations

Our Ginger Fruitations is made with Peruvian ginger, pure cane, & water. Why do we go all the way to Peru for the heat and spice of Fruitations Ginger?  You’ll know after your very first sip.

Grapefruit Fruitations

Fruitations Grapefruit is made with Rio Red Grapefruit, pure cane, & water. It lets you say goodbye to the pucker and hello to rich, smooth taste that elevates your home-crafted Paloma, Greyhound and Rickey.  Try it straight with club soda – it’s a dream!

Tangerine Fruitations

Our Tangerine Fruitations Ⓡ is made with Florida tangerines, pure cane, & water. Fruitations Tangerine is crafted with Florida citrus, the best in the world. Brighten bubbles, bourbon and rum with tangy richness from the Sunshine State.

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